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International Children’s Day

Posted on Thursday, June 02, 2016 - 12:01

The Orlando Pirates Learning Centre recently celebrated International Children’s Day by breaking all previous attendance records at The Centre, with over 140 learners and 15 volunteers attending through the course of the day. The learners attend once a week for 10 weeks on various programs that enable them to improve their Maths and English skills through ICT. The volunteers are past pupils who come to the centre to give back and to help those younger than them to achieve their goals while at the centre.

International Children’s Day is celebrated around the world to highlight children’s rights and protection in our modern day societies. The Learning Centre takes pride in offering the children of Orlando the opportunity to educate themselves in a safe and friendly environment, and empower themselves through fun and exciting learning initiatives offered at the centre.

It was fitting to celebrate International Children’s Day by breaking previous records because the Learning Centre is all about serving the children from the nearby community. When the Club launched The Centre, it started with close to 30 learners a day and no volunteers, however the strength of the programs and the dedication by the staff, students of Orlando and the Department of Basic Education has seen the positive increase to the number recently recorded.

Since opening in October 2012 the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre has seen over 4000 learners pass through its doors with most of them improving their Maths and English skills by 20% or more, thereby benefitting from the changing attitudes towards learning and gaining greater confidence in the ICT environment.

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