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One-on-One with Mobara and Norodien

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 09:29

Last month Orlando Pirates announced the signings of Abbubaker Mobara and Riyaad Norodien from Ajax Cape Town. The acquisition of the hot prospects was met with positive response from the Ghost. We caught up with the duo to hear their thoughts on joining the Buccaneers camp. ( Gentlemen first and foremost; welcome on board the Pirates ship.

Abbubaker Mobara (AM):“Thank you for welcoming me and I’m happy to be here. It’s an absolute honour to be part of this Club and I look forward to my stay here.

“I didn’t think twice about making the move to Joburg. Personally, I think this is a move in the right direction for me and my career. I was beginning to settle into a comfort zone at Ajax and I needed a new challenge.”

Riyaad Norodien (RN): “To be honest I’m still excited to have signed with the Club. This is a dream come true and I thank God for blessing me with this great opportunity and Pirates for seeing the quality in me.

“I have been with Ajax Cape Town since the age of 10 years so I am grateful for everything they have done for me but I am now entering a new chapter in my life and to do it with a big Club like Orlando Pirates is a huge honour, I will wear the Buccaneer colours with pride”. What does playing for Pirates mean to you?

AM: “Pirates is a big club obviously any person that comes to this club would be excited to be here. The Club has a prestigious history and there are a lot of things expected from the Club itself so to have the opportunity to add to the Club’s history is a huge honour that very few people get to have and overall I’m just excited to be with the calibre of players in the Club as well as Coach Muhsin Ertugral who gave me my break when he promoted me to the senior Team at Ajax.”

RN: “For me to be finally here is a dream come true because I always wanted to move to Johannesburg. I am coming here with an open heart to be part of the ambition and winning mind set of Pirates which is to want to win trophies and I feel at 21 years old I can only grow stronger, wiser and better here. I am actually impressed by the depth and quality of players we have because I know they will bring out the best in me, so yeah I’m looking forward to playing alongside the likes of Manyisa, Jele and Rakhale just to name a few.” To Mobara….Since you have been in camp with the SA U23 with Menzi Masuku and Gift Motupa. Did you ever speak to them to offer any advice before joining the Club?

AM: “Look it wasn’t something that we discussed in great detail because I wanted to come to Pirates with an open mind and discover through my own journey what it means to be a Buccaneer. What it’s going to take for me to be part of the Team and also what I would have to do in order to adapt to the Pirates environment. However they did share a few things that helped me to realise what I’m walking into and those have helped to understand better what Pirates is about and what playing for this team entails.” Norodien….What went through your mind when you heard Pirates is interested in you?

RN: “I was obviously excited and shocked at the same time but when I managed to calm down I was just happy at the prospect of being a Buccaneer. I speak a lot with Mobara and when I heard the Club was interested in us I called him and I told him my friend I am going to Pirates and his reply was Bra, I am going there too, so it was a special moment because we were both just over the moon at realising our dreams and having started so young at Ajax and now to be making the big move to the same big Club just made it so special.” What are your expectations as a Pirates player?

AM: “Obviously every Footballer’s dream is to win silverware, over the years I have watched and played against Pirates so there is no doubt in my mind that Pirates is one of the best Clubs and with the team we have that should be a realistic goal.

“I’m also looking forward to playing in my first Soweto Derby, you know it’s one of the biggest Derbies in the world, so who wouldn’t want to play in that match and in front of a packed stadium.” Your thoughts at being re-united with Muhsin Ertugral?

RN: “It’s a great feeling, I mean this is man who gave us our big break as it were when he promoted Mobara and I into the Ajax senior team in the 2013/2014 season. I know he will ask a lot from his players because he wants to achieve more and he never wants mediocrity. For me personally I feel I haven’t reached my full potential yet and having a Coach like the one we have, who demands the best from his players is the stage I need to prove that I am Pirates material.” Any last message to the Ghost?

AM: “I want to thank them for welcoming me into the Club. I promise to be loyal and serve the Club the best way possible.

“I look forward to my first skull and crossbones salute in my opening match. I’m not here to do anything fancy, I just want to work hard and keep it simple but overall I want to serve them, the Club and my family well.

RN: “I just want to tell them that it’s an honour and a privilege for me to play for one of the biggest Clubs in Africa and I am humbled by their welcoming me into the Club.

“I can’t wait to play in front of them at the Orlando Stadium. I know with us celebrating 80 years in 2017; there is a lot of expectation in terms of winning silverware and I want to let them know that I will do my best to ensure that we repay them with success.”

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