CISCO Europe Visit the Learning Centre

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 14:26

The Orlando Pirates Learning Centre hosted guests from CISCO Europe earlier in the week. The guests came to see the Learning Centre first hand and to get a better understanding of the good work the centre is doing in the community.

The Learning Centre and CISCO partnered together 2 years ago to deliver IT programmes such as IT Essentials and CCNA at the club’s home, Orlando Stadium. For the past 2 years, young adults who are not in full time education and are unemployed have been attending the Learning Centre, which is an accredited CISCO academy, to empower themselves by gaining nationally recognised accreditation through CISCO. The programme has been very successful in attaining a 100% pass rate and has seen its graduates go on to get internships in local businesses around Soweto. The centre also offers other IT programmes for the community such as Cyber Security, End User programmes and CLA.

The guests from CISCO Europe were very impressed with the facilities on offer to the community and by the excellent work that the centre is doing to uplift the unemployed youth. The centre is delivering the key purpose of the programmes on offer from CISCO, that is to help unemployed young people to become more employable and find work.

Mr Piotr Pluta, CISCO’s Director of Corporate Affairs ENEAR of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, said “Congratulations for the fantastic work you are doing in the community! This is exactly what CISCO’s aim of running these programmes in the community hopes to achieve. It is also great to hear that you have high demand for these programmes and that your challenge is to see how you can accommodate and deliver programmes to meet these demands.”

Mr Pluta was joined by Mr Marc Khayat, the Technical Programme Manager for Africa and Mr Alfie Ahmid the Regional CSR Manager for CISCO Africa who were equally impressed by the work the Learning Centre is doing.

The visit was a great opportunity for the guests to get an insight into community programmes on the ground. It was also a chance for the guests to get to know the environment in which the centre operates which will help motivate how CISCO can support the Learning Centre more in the future and continue its upliftment of the community.

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