Pirates & Ballerz Launch FIFA21 Pro Clubs Team

Orlando Pirates eSports is proud to announce a new partnership with South Africa’s most successful squad CPT Ballerz to create the Ballerz x Pirates FIFA21 Pro Club Team, that will compete in the South African Pro Clubs League’s top division.

Pro Clubs is an online mode on the FIFA videogame where the 11 players playing on the pitch are piloted by 11 different teammates with different positions, in a true representation of real football transcripted into an online game.

CPT Ballerz, created in 2014, have been competing within the South African Pro Clubs community for 6 years and have accumulated a total of 26 titles in the South African Pro League (SAPL), as well as becoming the first ever South African VPG (Virtual Pro Gaming) champions. This last achievement means that Ballerz x Pirates will be playing in the African VPG Champions League in the next few months.

The main aim for the newly created team will be to enable SA Pro Club top players to showcase their talent within South Africa, but also beyond the country borders by playing more international games against top Pro Club teams in World football.

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