Ben Motshwari Update

Orlando Pirates Football Club is pleased to announce that Ben Motshwari has fully recovered from Covid-19.

Motshwari has performed, as per the health guidelines protocols, two separate tests which have both come back negative. He will therefore no longer be subjected to home isolation and can resume light training.

Ben has thanked all his well-wishers for the support during his month-long ordeal.

“I would like to thank everybody for the words of support during my time off. It wasn’t easy but the words of encouragement that I received is what kept me going. So, thank you all, I really appreciate it.”

Motshwari who is used to dishing out the tackles on the opposition in the field of play, found himself having to deal with an opponent of epic proportions off it. 

“My initial response to the news that I had contracted coronavirus, was complete shock,” recalls the 29-year old.

“It’s not something you expect especially being a young and healthy athlete. We tend to think these things happen to other people other than ourselves, but I learned very quickly that this isn’t necessarily the case. The coronavirus does not discriminate, it doesn’t care who you are.

This is a reality that we all must come to terms with. Having experienced what I have gone through this past month, I would like to encourage people to take heed of the messages of social distancing; the washing of hands and also those wearing a mask when in public.

The only way we can beat this thing is to adhere to these safety measures and not underestimate this pandemic.” 

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