Birthday Message From Dr Khoza

I had a privilege to have seen you play. Grateful it was mainly for Orlando Pirates. 

I knew then that you were destined for greatness. I did not know I was going to be a part of it. That we were going to be colleagues and partners. That ours is going to be a path making journey similar to none.  

It is in entrepreneurship that you have demonstrated that your star was not limited to the field of play. Yours is a self-made, pioneering leadership that created and nurtured a business and a brand that defines and differentiates South Africa today.

Whereas in the field of play you were flamboyant and mesmerising. In business you are quiet and measured. In a world that is noisy your power is belied by your noteworthy silence. In a world where rivalries are ugly and divisive you have created a derby where your gold and black supporters sit side by side in trains, buses, taxis and venues across the breath and width of our beautiful country wishing for a different outcome yet not wishing or doing harm to one another.

This is not a miracle – an inexplicable act of God. This is your legacy.  When our country went through political violence in KwaZulu Natal at the dawn of our democracy, we stood side by side as living proof that healthy rivalries are those where opponents battle fiercely in the field of play and live to fight it out the other day all the while living in peace and harmony. 

As the nation and the world celebrate your well-deserved platinum jubilee, I attest that yours is a life well lived Dr Motaung. You are a pride ea Bataung and our nation. Your work and achievements form the fabric of this nation. The brand that you created and nurtured define it.  Observing you alone is an inspiration, having a privilege to work with you a true honour. 

Happy Birthday Bra K.

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