Dove Wome: Let the revival begin!

Dove Wome, one of the Buccaneers signings made over the January transfer window to reinforce the ranks, is delivering on the Club’s expectations on him. Wome since the resumption of the League in February 2017 has made a positive impact with three starts and two goals.

With the Soweto Derby, just days away took time to probe the soft spoken yet lethal marks man on his take on life aboard the Bucs ship so far and the prospect of playing in his first Derby. Firstly, welcome to the Team, you have had an impressive run of form after not having played prior to joining us, what do you attribute that to?

Dove Wome (DW): “Thank you, I’m honoured to be an Orlando Pirates player and I’m just thankful to have this opportunity in my career”.

“I have been working very hard on my fitness and just making sure that I’m always focused whether it’s at training or in a game situation. We also have a new Coach who is working with us and he realises that we have the skill and now we need to improve tactically”.

“Personally, I’m conflicted because although I am extremely pleased about my performance, I am not happy with the results the team has been getting because we are not winning. It’s not enough for me to be doing well, we have to win together as a team and only then will the goals have the required value for me”. What does it mean for you to be part of this team?

DW: “I’m very happy to be part of the Team, seriously it has been my wish for a long time to play for a big Club like Orlando Pirates so I’m very happy to be here. This team has a lot of quality players and I’m grateful to be playing with the likes of Manyisa, Makola and Memela just to name a few, I just hope to add value onto what is already there”. You have been doing well upfront, what’s the secret behind your execution?

DW: “For me to score goals is easy because I just position myself well to finish. I know the Club has quality players, there is always someone going down the flank and delivering good crosses in the box, which makes it easy for me because all I need to do is just position myself and try my best to score”. You mentioned the new Coach earlier, what is he doing differently?

DW: “The Coach can see the quality of the team, he knows we are good when attacking but our defensive organisation has been poor, so we are doing a lot of work in that department like how to mark, who’s going to drop, who’s going to press and all those sort of things. This is our second week with him and we are working hard to get it right”. Your thoughts on the prospect of playing in your first Soweto Derby?

DW: “It will obviously be my first Derby in this country and I have always watched it on TV so personally I’m excited to be part of this team, to play in the biggest match locally and in front of a capacity crowd. I honestly don’t know what to expect but I’m sure it’s nothing like what I have experienced before and I assume it is going to be very emotional”.

“But there are no guarantees on getting the starting eleven so I have been working very hard at training to get a start. It would also mean a lot for me personally if I get that chance because a lot of people will be watching the game and not just in this country but also across the continent and the world too. So yes, if I do get a chance, I have to do well and help the team win this game”. Do you have any message you would like to convey to our supporters, the Ghost?

DW: “Yes, I just want to thank them for welcoming me to the team. I have been receiving a lot of messages from them wishing me luck, encouraging me to continue what I’m doing and try not to drop form. For me that’s very important because I believe if I want to be a star, I have to play for the badge and the supporters. I appreciate the positive reinforcement from them because it lets me know that I’m on track”.

“With regards to the Derby I want to tell them to forget about our previous performances, this game is something else. We need them to come play their role and support us. We are aware that we need a win, not a draw but a win and that is what we will be fighting for. Yes, Kaizer Chiefs are the favourites going into this match, but who knows maybe this is the game we need to turn things around for us, a win against our arch rivals”. Thank you Dove and I wish you all the best for your stay with us.

DW: Yes, thank you I hope to do my best.

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