Dr Khoza’s Vaccination Statement

The efficacy of vaccines is beyond question. Over the years vaccines have helped us as a country to keep the doctor away and grow a healthy nation.

The world has become a village. International trade and travel are at a level where we need to defend against ailments that may originate far from home and yet spread like wildfire the world over. The health security of the world is enjoined. Every single person in the world is vulnerable.

I have taken the vaccine not only for my safety, but for the safety of every person who is going to come into contact with me. There are certain important things in life which unless we do together won’t work. Just like safety on the road depends on all drivers observing the rules, vaccines work when we do them as a collective.

When your time comes to be vaccinated. Please do your part. We have achieved near miracles when we all do what we need to do. This is one such moment.

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