Happy Mandela Day!

Join us as the nation celebrates this special day to honour South Africa’s Son of the Soil – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and recognise the indelible contribution he has left behind.

Madiba’s name is synonymous with Hope, Freedom and Promise. Tata will never ever be forgotten. What he represents to us and the world is a life changer who will forever define our era and freedom. Never will the word ‘Freedom’ be mentioned without the mention of the name Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Ours is to build on the foundation of Hope, Freedom and Promise which he bequeathed to us.

God gifted us with the life of Nelson Mandela for us to learn from, get comfort from and be encouraged by, in order for us to continue serving.

How can we say ‘I am too old, I am too tired, this is too much, I am overworked, I am too poor’ when we have the example of selflessness and service taught first hand by uTata Mandela.

We are reminded every year on this day that we must be selfless and strive to touch others in a positive way.

Happy Mandela Day

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