Remembering Our Matriarch

Today we remember that it has been a year since the passing of our Matriarch Mme Yvonne Mantoa Khotleng-Khoza. 

We remember this day at a time when our nation is besieged by an invisible killer virus that we can’t detect with any of our five senses. The Covid-19 pandemic has graduated into a killer where, a year down the line, everyone of us know a family member, neighbour, friend or colleague that has been killed by this deadly mutating virus. 

It is in moments like these that we need to remember that God is a God of compassion and forgiveness. That God is a God of soothing and regeneration. It is with this knowledge that our prayers should be full of gratitude even when we express our sorrow and pain. 

In our Matriarch’s name we give gratitude to God All Mighty whilst praying for the departed.

In keeping with our Matriarch’s living through example. Remembering always that we cannot see, hear, smell or taste this killer virus which we touch unawares then touch our faces; please wear masks covering your noses and mouths when in public; and sanitise and wash your hands with soap regularly. 

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